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Our Future Nature Podcast spotlights the problem solvers accelerating solutions to a more sustainable planet. We know all about the climate and biodiversity crisis – this podcast focuses on the solutions. Host Sean Lee-Davies speaks to academics, creatives, innovators, and polymaths about the boundary-breaking ideas and solutions needed to build a better planet.

Our Future Nature Podcast is hosted by entrepreneur, conservationist and filmmaker Sean Lee-Davies. He directed and produced shows for platforms including National Geographic, TVB and Channel News Asia. 

New Podcast Episode

In this episode we’ll uncover the urgent challenges these majestic creatures are up against. From the impact of overfishing to the controversial shark fin trade, we explore the critical role sharks and rays play in marine ecosystems and discuss potential solutions to protect them.

Are you ready to escape the matrix and lead your most conscious life? Confronting the truth can be a deep, twisted, insightful, and sometimes painful journey. But with the state of our world today, it is one we must embark on to save the planet and ourselves.

On this podcast, we will continue that journey together with your host Steph L Dickson. We’ll be talking about climate change and consciousness, sustainability and spirituality. Taking fascinating, yet sometimes complicated topics and breaking them down into digestible and actionable chunks, so that we can live wide awake.

New Podcast Episode

In this episode, we are speaking to Dan Sherrard-Smith the Founder & CEO of MyMotherTree, the world’s first money carbon calculator. They help businesses and individual to maximise their impact by greening finances – so that we can fund the future we want.