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The First Eco Fashion Awards Is Here!

Singapore is gearing up for the inaugural Eco Fashion Weekend, an event that embodies the Little Red Dot’s dedication to eco-friendly practices, innovation, and ethical fashion.

As advocates for sustainable fashion, Green Is The New Black and The Conscious Festival are honoured to announce our nomination for the Eco Fashion Awards 2024, recognising our tireless efforts in pushing forward sustainable fashion in Singapore. Here’s all the information on the exciting event this coming April 19th to April 21st at 1880 Singapore.

Crafted and curated by a coalition of activists and environmentally conscious local fashion labels, this initiative stylishly addresses the urgent need for sustainability through engaging and interactive events which includes a panel discussion, a fashion show, and a workshop suitable for families. 

Singapore is actively embracing sustainability with the implementation of the Green Plan, a roadmap towards a sustainable future by 2030. Eco Fashion Weekend aims to raise awareness about these issues while spotlighting local brands that are contributing to making Singaporean fashion more eco-friendly.

Day 1 

Held at 1880 Singapore, attendees gain insight into the urgent call for sustainability in the fashion sector through a captivating panel, delving into the vital connection between fashion, ethics, and the environment. 

Moderated by Stephanie L. Dickson, our founder at Green Is The New Black and The Conscious Festival, the panel features the voices of Anisa Johnny (Senior Lecturer at Raffles College of Higher Education), Jian Yang (owner of the largest Barbie collection in Asia and the second largest in the world and creator of #flushablefashion), Su Pei Ho (founder of Su By Hand), Mollie Rogers Jean De Dieu (general manager of the French Fashion and Accessory Company, Longchamp), and Sera Murphy (founder of The Reoutfitter)

Day 2

Day 2 hosts the eagerly awaited Eco Fashion Awards and Fashion Showcase, powered by Afreum, a crypto ecosystem with a social conscience, aiming to promote financial inclusivity in Africa and other regions. 

These accolades showcase the dedication of the local fashion industry to fostering positive transformation. Come join in honouring the individuals and organisations leading the way towards a more sustainable future. Don’t forget, award recipients are determined through a combination of public votes and evaluation by a panel of judges.

After which, attendees will be treated to an Alternative Fashion Presentation, spotlighting innovative designs from local brands. Some of you may have even interacted with them at our previous Conscious Festival! Those participating are: Ayesha, Commenhers, Syne Studio, The Fashion Pulpit, The Reoutfitter, and sustainable brands OliveAnkara, Su By Hand, The Prefecture, Sui, and Ther Yang.

Day 3

The inspiring 3-day event ends with a family-friendly Sustainable Fashion Workshop on Sunday, exclusively for 1880 members and their guests. 

Motivate the upcoming generation with a fun and engaging workshop on eco-friendly fashion for kids!

Eco Fashion Weekend shines brightly as a symbol of optimism for a fashion industry that prioritises environmental consciousness. By bringing together enthusiastic individuals, influential figures in the industry, and forward-thinking brands, this event sparks significant conversations and fosters beneficial progress within the fashion realm.

Tickets have quickly sold out, but we’d be more than grateful if you gave us your support by voting here!

We hope to see you all there!