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Introducing Our Conscious Leaders Circle With Dr. Deepak Chopra

Green Is The New Black had the distinct honour of hosting Dr. Deepak Chopra for an inspiring and multifaceted event in Singapore last week, which included a talk, lunch & dialogue, and fundraiser dinner. We were also thrilled to unveil our new The Conscious Leaders Circles! Here’s a glimpse into the exciting happenings and what we learnt from our time with Dr. Deepak Chopra.

We were thrilled to have had the immense privilege of hosting Dr. Deepak Chopra for a series of exclusive events in Singapore this past week. Two enlightening evenings were dedicated to the world-renowned wellness guru, celebrated for his pioneering mind-body medicine approach.

Presented by The Conscious Festival at 1880 Singapore, the first event on Wednesday, March 27 featured the Sages & Scientists Talk with Meditation by Deepak Chopra, where attendees delved into achieving harmony with mind, body, and spirit through insightful dialogue and meditation. We also proudly launched The Conscious Leaders Circle, a new initiative that blends our Conscious Leaders Bootcamp with a more holistic approach. In our own words, the Conscious Leaders Circle is blending neuroscience, the body, the soul, and the land to foster conscious leadership and global healing.

Lunch and dialogue at 1880 Singapore

The following day, another event unfolded at 1880—a lunch and dialogue session with Deepak Chopra, followed by a VIP fundraiser dinner featuring the renowned speaker himself. Guests were treated to an intimate three-course vegetarian dinner with Dr. Chopra, and all proceeds from this event were devoted to supporting the Chopra Foundation’s meaningful initiatives.

When we say we learnt so much from Dr. Deepak Chopra, it’s an understatement. And we want to share with you all some tidbits from his talk that happened last Wednesday. Here are 5 things we learnt from our time with Dr. Deepak Chopra:

  1. Intuition is tapping into a bigger mind

Every individual is a universe in themselves, so tap into reflection and silence. Remember, you’re just a dot spinning on a rock in the universe’s junkyard. You can’t have creativity without diabolical, for they complement each other through contrast, enriching our experiences.

  1. Technology hasn’t caught up to our consciousness

Although AI possesses immense potential intelligence, it fundamentally lacks consciousness; nonetheless, there is widespread apprehension among people regarding its weaponization. While it’s feasible to programme AI to deter malicious intent, it invariably depends on human intervention, highlighting the ongoing disparity between our technical advancements and emotional and spiritual intelligence.

  1. Success should primarily be measured by joy!

Success should primarily be measured by joy, as the ultimate aim of all objectives is happiness, so it is crucial to prioritise it. Periodically, reflect on your inner peace, questioning why it might be lacking. Be conscious that the present moment is all we have. We are manifestations of consciousness, akin to how a light bulb is not the origin but a conduit of light through its electromagnetic field. Ultimately, trust in yourself as the foremost guru.

  1. A global ecosystem for a peace 

Everything is solvable when there is a shared vision and maximum diversity, and this is where leadership plays a crucial role, fostering ecosystems that encourage the sharing of ideas. The environment is intricately connected to our well-being, with trees functioning as our lungs and the air as our breath; we simply cannot survive without them. The soil is akin to a precious goldmine, sustaining life in its own vital way.

  1. Meditation changes the biological clock

If you’re constantly rushing, it accelerates the ageing process, while meditation alters the biological clock. Remember, anything perceivable or conceivable isn’t truly real. By being mindful of space, you can quiet your mind. And each person is essentially a universe in motion. Reality is fluid, yet it maintains its essence. The quality of our presence influences our perception of time and ageing.

If this type of content and topic interest you, we’re also more than happy to announce that The Conscious Festival is hosting its first ever retreat in June 2024! Our six-day Mission Mastery & Manifestation Retreat, curated by Awethentic Journeys, is a sanctuary for those seeking to shed the layers of limitation preventing you from manifesting your dreamed life and reaching your wildest dreams, guided by world-renowned healers and practitioners. In this haven where ancient techniques seamlessly blend with cutting-edge sciences, you’ll find harmony for both your logical and creative minds.

We also want to thank our partners who were every bit perfect and wonderful. 

Venue Partner – 1880 Singapore

PR Partner – Awethentic Studio

Hotel Partner – The Singapore EDITION

Wellness Parter – RAKxa Integrative Wellness

In aid of – The Chopra Foundation